Thursday, 23 June 2011

Picture 3
Now here I displaced the shapes, I added some pieces from the cut-outs, and the centre was padded.

Picture 2
The backround is my favorite silkfabric, dyed with onion and leaves. Appliqued a red polycotten fabric with machine stitching, turquoise cotten with gold machine stitching. Added two cut-out pieces. After that i used a orange thread and stitched the second shape again, but I turned through 90°. Hand stitching was done over it, that it is better to see.

Picture 1
Two self-dyed cottonfabrics in my colour scheme, one silkfabric, golden machine-stitching and hand stitching

Working sheet

Searching for scapes and broken scissor, because the felt and the fabric were to thick

Chapter 8
Complex Samples

I had a lot of fun to do this work, but at the beginning I need a lot of time to found the right shapes for this work. The shapes I thought they were interisting , there were to complicate, and the other one looks like to boring. So I cut many papers, and look again and again in my sketchbook. At the end I used a pair of two different shapes and create in each case three pieces.
I uesed many different fabrics, hand-and machine-stitching threads. At two times I iron painted bondaweb, to become an interisting surface. It was nice to combinate machine-and handstitching together, because there can come more tension in the image.

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