Monday, 28 February 2011

Picture 2 Design Sheet B part2

Design Sheet B part 1

Picture 4 Design Seet B

Picture 3

Picture 2

Picture 1

For Design Sheet B I choose another pair of complementary colours, purple and yellow. I dye some different paper with " Brusho- colours " and added salt ,wallpaper paste and glitter ( Picture 3 ).
I try to fold many papers, to find some interesting shapes ( Picture 1), but i don`t like it. Then I go back to my first star and cross rsearch, and found an interisting shape. It was from a wallpaper which was print in 1953. So I isulate the shape, enlarged them ( Picture 2 ) and use them for my work.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Picture 14 print and paint postcard

Picture 13 shibori

Picture 12 red onion on silk

Picture 11 plant dye silk shibori technique

Picture 10 plant dye shirt detail

Picture 9 plant dye

Picture 8 plant dye eucalyptus leaves

Picture 7 plant dye

Picture 6 Chapter 3 Design Sheet A
Picture 5 design of the pattern from Design Sheet A

Picture 4 design of my linol pattern

Picture 3 some rubbings

Picture 2 Brusho colours

Picture1 Arcyl colour mix experiments

After a long break...

There was so much work i had to do and i want to do, in the last months, so that there was a long break at my work at City and Guilds.
But i have dyed with plants, sew some clothes for myself, and do some " journal-work", read books abuot colours and dyeing, make many prints of paper and fabric...and so on. In the past i need this time to bring out some of my ideas who in my mind. I was so fascinated about dyeing with plants, so that i must do this work first. But now i`d like to go back to the cross and stars, and my work at modul 1 at City ans Guilds.
So first you can see some photos from the last year, about my working to the chapters in the past. Of course i have done some experiments about colour mixing, and i try to show you, the way i have done my linol print. Further you like to see some rubbings, but it was not my favorite.
Also, i show you a little selection of my other work. I do creative work every day. :-)
And then i go on with Chapter 3 Design Sheet B and C.