Tuesday, 22 February 2011

After a long break...

There was so much work i had to do and i want to do, in the last months, so that there was a long break at my work at City and Guilds.
But i have dyed with plants, sew some clothes for myself, and do some " journal-work", read books abuot colours and dyeing, make many prints of paper and fabric...and so on. In the past i need this time to bring out some of my ideas who in my mind. I was so fascinated about dyeing with plants, so that i must do this work first. But now i`d like to go back to the cross and stars, and my work at modul 1 at City ans Guilds.
So first you can see some photos from the last year, about my working to the chapters in the past. Of course i have done some experiments about colour mixing, and i try to show you, the way i have done my linol print. Further you like to see some rubbings, but it was not my favorite.
Also, i show you a little selection of my other work. I do creative work every day. :-)
And then i go on with Chapter 3 Design Sheet B and C.

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