Saturday, 28 May 2011

Picture 5

Picture 4

Picture 3
back side to picture 2

Picture 2
front side

Picture 1
There are some leaving pieces during the past chapters. So I played with it in my journal. First the journalpages were deyed with Brusho colours.
I ironed the pieces- there was bonda-web on the back side - into the journal, and then i painted with a smal black pen, with golden colour, made stitching and so on.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Picture 9
Wild silk fabric first, then a self-deyed-print-plant -woolfabric,- sadly you can`t see so much, it is a very lovely fabric-!
The third layer was a piece of the shiboricotton with printed pattern. Now I used here two times the same shape and the same colourtype. Only one thread is contrasted.On the top I used a orange organza in form of the second shape and so I got ( received) more depth. I like ths piece because it has the depth but it is unobtrusive.

Picture 8
Acryl-deyed and printed fabric at first, then a polyesterjersey, and on the top a wild silk fabric.

First layer, self-plant-deyed fabric-shibori-technic. second layer is a light silk, and the last one is a self-plant-deyed linen.

Picture 6
And for the finish, I put a layer very light " light blue" chiffon over all. I used thin golden
thread and did some hand stitches at the edges and in the shape.

Picture 5

Picture 4
First layer, self deyed cotton with acryl, then followed a printed cotton. And at this point of my work, I thought, it is to close, i can`t see enough of the first layer. So i cut more away.
The result is picture 5.

Picture 3
Here i used first a thin silk fabric,the second layer was a self-printed cotton fabric, and on the top you see a merinowool " prefelt ". At this layer I cut the negative shape so there are a lot of single pieces.

Picture 2
The first layer is a self-deyed cotton fabric, then follow a kuninfelt, and the last one is an orange organza. I like it, because it looks like so light and a little bit mystical.

First layer is polyester fabric, second layer is a cotton fabric with checked pattern and the third layer is a thin fabric with colourmixed pattern.

Chapter 7
First you can see the Working Sheet, with the shapes I used, in paper form. Furthermore you can see the fabrics and threads i worked with.
Two or three examples are following.