Monday, 25 July 2011

Picture 10

Picture 9
the result after cut, swapped, machine and hand stitching

Picture 8
four prepared feltpieces

Picture 7
Working sheet for Sample 3
Three shapes, different fabrics and felts, threads

Picture 6
Counter-Interchange Sample 2

Picture 5

Picture 4
For the shape i used my linol shape from chapter 2 and made a complete shape from this smal piece.

Picture 3
Picture 2 and 3 show the way I prepared my felt, before I cut

Picture 2

Picture 1
From the top to the bottem:
Laced insertion stitch, simple insertion stitch, plaited insertion stitch, bottenhole insertion stitch,
beaded insertion stitch, bottenhole bar, machine stitching


It was interisting to do this work. I used different felt pieces, at some time i bonded coloured "Bonda-web, or made handstitcheing before I cut them in pieces.
I had a lot of fun with the differnt insertion stitches, and was surprised about the effect that I had have with the last piece- positive and negative shapes swapped.
Picture 6
The shape i used


Picture 4

Picture 3

Picture 2

Picture 1

Chapter 9

Few month ago, i bought a book about Herta Puls. And now I take a look in it and read about mola technique. Then I choose the frontpicture for my first work.
The first test was not successful, because I cut away on the wrong side. The second was a good result. At the contemporary method i like the multi-coloured-ripple-effekt best. It was so nice when I cut away the first layer, to see which colour comes out. Surpise.