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Paul Klee was born 18.12.1879 in Switzerland. 1898 he began study art in munich in Germany. He made journeys for example to Italy and France. After he came back he met the artists Kandinsky, Marc and Macke. He added the artist group " Blue Rider " and was affected from the Cubism art.He loved music, and many of his image-titles are in connection with the music. He played with form and colour, and he wanted " bring light in the darkness of the world...". In the time where Klee`s aesthetic age up, the light always stand in the mittle of his work. Sometimes his images are reserved and other time they are very colourful, often he used one basic colour and painted in different tone. He used geographical sign like star, crosse, triangle, rectangle, quadrat, line, circle and often the arrow.

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Wassily Kandinsky was born 16.12.1866 in Russian. He was a painter, graphic artist and a art historian. Some times he lived in Germany and France. He was an artist of the expressionism and the abstract art. He died 13.12. 1944 in France.

Picture 1
This is a picture from my book about Herta Puls. The picture was titled " Modern geometric design mola ". It was a part from a chapter about the Kuna Indians. The woman wearing the traditional fabrics with mola design. Sometimes as a blouse or a wrap-aroung skirt.

Chapter 12

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