Monday, 28 March 2011

Picture 4
At the left site I made a sandwitch and cut them in pieces, and glued it with Bondaweb on the silk.
At the right site I painted Bondaweb with Acylicpaint and work on, with fabric, silk and some pieces from the other experiments. I like the two results.
Picture 3 some experiments

I think these results are not so useful, because at the left site i used two organza overlapped, and the untergroundfabric had two colours. All together you can`t see a real pattern, it`s all indefinite or blurred.
On the right site i used two-colourd fabric too, and the pattern on the right site of the picture, is different to the left site, and for me it is too disturbed.
Picture 2 self-dyed fabric

Picture 1

Chapter 6
First i looked about some interisting pattern in chapter 4. Then i arranged materils which are adequate for this exercise.

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