Thursday, 21 October 2010

The Beginning

Module one Chapter 1
Reseach on stars or cross

Since i begann with my reseach i always see stars and crosses. On the street, in pattern from pullovers, at walls, in my garden, at postcards, and so on.Where the focus is, this thinks come more present in your life.
Stars have minimum 3arms ( for example the " Mercedes-Star") and one middlepoint. The classic variation have often  five arms. But it gives a lot of more options.
Crosses have two lines. They are crossing. The crosspoint should not be exact in the middle. The lines can be different long. Often you can find crosses with right-angle, but it is not necessary. The cross is an important symbol of the christian church.
Stars and crosses in our language:
crosswise, star handle, cross beam, to cross out, cross stitch, each one have to carry his cross...
starlight, star anise, star attraction, star fruit, Star of David, star role, star shell, double star, eye cataract, a star is born...

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